Peer Pressure and Unsafe Raccoons

By Kade Thayer Our lives are full of challenges and sometimes we overcome them, but sometimes we don’t. I myself have goofed off when there was something more important to do. A key factor in this is peer pressure. This can come in a good form like being pressed to do a good job. Or … Continue reading

A Dated Dress Code

By Jaren Gisner Spaghetti straps, crop tops, torn shirts, and wearing your pants below your butt. Controversial, constantly argued, and always causing drama at schools, what is this? The dress code. Whether you dress in short shorts, jeans, crop tops, or tall tees, wear a winter coat all year long, or just wrap yourself in … Continue reading

Ignorance is Bliss

By Journey Hart Thomas Gray once said “where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise.” In other words, when we are in bliss we shouldn’t run around shattering that bliss. Our generation is always being told that we are ignorant, and we don’t care enough about anything. But is that really why we are … Continue reading

Student Access Time- The Truth

By Alexa Jo Willms Fruita Monument High School is unique beyond compare to the other schools in our district. One characteristic of our school that is like no other is our Student Access Time every Wednesday and Thursday. This allows students time to catch up on work, get help, or do homework that they would … Continue reading

Taste of Mile High: The Best of the Best in Denver

By Cody Baker If you’re a foody, this article is definitely going to fit your fancy. If you gag at the sight of food or just don’t find yourself all that into the sustenance of life, please bear with me here as I’m sure you’ll connect and leave reading this a better person. If you … Continue reading

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