PDA: Leave room for the handbook

By Taryn Allen, Reporter Every relationship begins as a seed. New couples experience the honeymoon stage when hugging, kissing and sharing intimate moments are necessary for blossoming. The seed is grown once the experiences are broadcasted and the rest of the world knows that this couple is content in their relationship. Mr. McClaskey said that … Continue reading

Education Embarrassment

By Jessica Jolley, Reporter Everyone has a point in their lives in which they feel uncomfortable and self-conscious, even our most valued teachers. Coach Goff (Physical Education) Coach Goff had a terrible cold when his most embarrassing moment occurred, and his handkerchief was glued to his hand. His nose was dripping like a hose and … Continue reading

Double the trouble…and triple the fun

Twins and triplets talk about life with same-age siblings By Abbie Kinder, Reporter Memories of a childhood filled with innocence and pointless games often spark a sense of longing in teenagers who aren’t able to experience the carefree fun that was once so common as a child and many of the twins an triplets that … Continue reading

The Impact

By Makayley Morris, Reporter Every day we wake up and wonder how our day is going to turn out. We get dressed, eat breakfast and dread the drive going to school. We think about the homework we most likely didn’t do, the test in class we might have, practice after school and if it’s going … Continue reading

Don’t you forget about me

As technology advances those old video games that we used to play as young children are either forgotten or are getting a new complex twist. By Journey Hart, Reporter The more advanced games are taking over what used to be arcades. “Old video games to me were the original everything. They are what shaped video … Continue reading

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