16 things only the class of 2016 will understand: The gratifying feeling while the kazoo left our hands How eccentric Principle Kierns was our sophomore year The cafeteria catfight of ‘13 No, the class of 2015 isn’t cooler than 2016 The fun preassembly’s Class President Matt Story and senate created Mrs. Rieber’s expertise in yoga & how … Continue reading

Senioritis epidemic

Written by Jaren Gisner A massive outbreak of the virus senioritis has broken out and swept across the nation, as high school seniors prepare to graduate.  Senioritis is not an outbreak that can be contained or cured. Ultimately, if you are a senior, it is inevitable. You cannot escape it, is here, much like flu … Continue reading

Saying Good Bye to FMHS

Written by Abbie Kinder Woohoo There is an entire world out there and now you will be able to see some of the stuff that isn’t nestled inside our tiny town. Some will go on to college, others to work, to join the military or to pave their own way and there is so much … Continue reading

The good ol’ days

Written by Taryn Allen To my fellow graduating peers, I miss the simple days of black eyeliner, Aeropostal, terribly curled hair and orange makeup. I’m sad to see this wild ride come to an end. I will forever cherish the meaningless drama and pointless relationships we’ve all shared. They crafted me into the individual I … Continue reading

How to Survive Senior Year

Written by Natalie Weber Senior year. Expectations: Go to all the dances and games. Get a full-ride scholarship to your ideal college. Finish the year with a 5.0 GPA. Rule the school. Win a Nobel Prize. Reality: Stay home watching Netflix on Fridays. Finish your college applications the day before they’re due…and wait for half … Continue reading

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