December Horoscopes by Kaitlin Lewis, Commentary Editor Aquarius—January 20-February 18 While washing your intimates, suds will creep up to your face and envelop your nostrils. Due to the fumes of said bubbles, you begin to hallucinate. In your visions, you will see Dumbledore brought back to life. He will tell you to stock up on … Continue reading

Love is in the Air

Photos and story by Courtney Kreidler            As the holiday season is quickly approaching, snow isn’t the only thing on Fruita’s forecast. As you may have already noticed, our crowded hallways are now overcrowded with couples.  Whether it’s the ones that just hold hands, or the ones who are plastered to the walls, they seem … Continue reading

Lifetime Sports

Story by Madison Whittman, Reporter                  No matter what sport it is or who we’re playing, Fruita always wants to win. Athletes dedicate countless hours of practice and hard work to make our schools teams better throughout the season. But what happens when high school is over and you’re looking to get a little more … Continue reading

The Illuminati

Story by Jennifer Robinson, A&E Editor          Illuminati: people possessing, or claiming to possess, superior enlightenment. This is a name that refers to several groups, historical and modern, real and fictitious. It’s a name given to different religious societies or sects because of their claim to superior enlightenment. The Bible tells us that even Satan disguises … Continue reading

Casper Ghosts to Haunt Grand Junction

Story by Taylor Scofield, Web Editor          Peaches, wineries, the Colorado River, the Grand Mesa…and baseball.  Whether it is our dominating high school teams, the Mesa State Mavericks, or the J.U.C.O. World Series, baseball has grown to become a defining feature of the Grand Valley.            Now it seems that this huge interest in baseball, … Continue reading

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