The Deputy Geer Trial

By Rachel Meleski The shooting and killing of officer Geer February this year continues to reside in the community as accused teen Austin Holzer’s hearings took place three days this October, starting the 3rd. Since his arrest for first degree murder earlier this year, Holzer’s eighteenth birthday has passed, making it possible for prosecutors to … Continue reading

Dawn of the Painted Smiles

By Ethan Lovelace It seems as though every year a new paranormal fad creeps its way in and monopolizes society’s obsession with horror. In the last five years, the baton has been passed down from vampires to zombies and has now made the transition into the hands of the clowns and they have ran with … Continue reading

Armed Man at CU Boulder

By Abbie Brown Machete man. It’s not a phrase you hear every day, and it’s certainly not one you want to hear. On Wednesday, October 5, parents all over CU Buff territory received terrifying phone calls from their children attending Colorado University at Boulder that a man bearing a machete was harassing people around the … Continue reading

Living Without a Home

By Mallori Powell Imagine a life where you don’t have a bed to sleep on every night. Food is scarce, and your mind wanders to the longing of food throughout your days. You haven’t had a proper bathing in a while, and every day you choose between two tattered outfits. This is what it is … Continue reading

Bombings Shock Turkey

By Austin Miracle On June 10, 2016, 11 police officers were killed in the bombing in Turkey. Some believed that ISIS was responsible for the attack. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey believed that this was an act of terrorism on his people’s country. The EU wants Turkey to start fighting back on terrorism. Turkey … Continue reading

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