Modern Day Relationship

By Cody Baker If there’s one thing that truly irks the student populace at its core, it is the relationships that litter themselves throughout our hallways. This plague of lip locking horror tends to take our school by force come spring, but lately there’s been a mysterious increase in relationships at this school year in … Continue reading

Advice to Sophomores

By Mallori Powell All in white, the sophomores stood in their section of the gym during the first pep assembly of the school year. They cheered somewhat weakly, as it was new to them the importance of school spirit over at the high school. The sophomores then did something completely unexpected, something completely idiotic. Voices … Continue reading

Yin, Yang, and Space In- between

By Abbie Brown The definition of yin and yang (as written by is “opposite sides, elements, or extremes.” For me, there is no better example of this ancient Chinese philosophy than in our very own high school, a battleground of “opposite sides.” As you know, Fruita Monument High School houses a total of three … Continue reading

The Anna Banana

By Rylee Martin The Anna Banana race is something Fruita puts on every year. You might if heard of it before but you might not know that this is a memorial race. It is made to commemorate Anna Janowitz and what kind of a person she was. Anna has been described as bubbly and bright. … Continue reading

Remembrance of William (Billy) Crawford

By Conn Smith Most people think of suicide as such a distant concept. They take the word suicide with little to no emphasis or relevance to their own lives, but in this day and age `suicide is an extremely unfortunate, yet very present reality. As most of us know, we as community have recently been … Continue reading

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