When Lax Is Life…A Tribute to the Lax Bros

Written by Ethan Lovelace Bro that shot was Gouda like upper 90 cheddar, not even kidding that was dope AF! Dude you’ll be ripping twine until Nantucket that was sick shot bruh…Sick! If you understood the meaning behind a single jargon word in that sentence, you’re, in all probability, a Lax Bro. Now before you … Continue reading

My High School Journey: Where I Found Me

Written by Ashley Howell Regardless of where you have been and where you are going, you will face challenges and you will experience bliss. Everyone’s dirt path will lead to a yellow brick road, yet no matter how many obstacles you try to avoid, you will face obstacles. High school is an uphill run and … Continue reading

High School: A Review

Written by Kyle Fero Do you like needless drama? Copious amounts of stress? Homework? Many hours of your life wasted away dealing with these things? Then high school is absolutely for you. This (forgive me for the cliché) rollercoaster of emotions has multiple ups and downs throughout the long four years you’ll be spending here, … Continue reading

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