Wylde about Gentleman’s Fashion

Written by Ashley Howel Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein have nothing on one of Fruita Monument’s humbling grads, Benjamin Steele. Ben Steele is an aspiring businessman with his eye on fashion, specifically men’s ties and bowties. He had a vision, he worked hard and invested a great amount of time and money. He is conquering … Continue reading

PDA: Leave room for the handbook

By Taryn Allen, Reporter Every relationship begins as a seed. New couples experience the honeymoon stage when hugging, kissing and sharing intimate moments are necessary for blossoming. The seed is grown once the experiences are broadcasted and the rest of the world knows that this couple is content in their relationship. Mr. McClaskey said that … Continue reading

Education Embarrassment

By Jessica Jolley, Reporter Everyone has a point in their lives in which they feel uncomfortable and self-conscious, even our most valued teachers. Coach Goff (Physical Education) Coach Goff had a terrible cold when his most embarrassing moment occurred, and his handkerchief was glued to his hand. His nose was dripping like a hose and … Continue reading

Overhydration: a real concern or a real joke?

Story and photo by Jaedon Carruth, Reporter As you’ve all probably seen, athletes at FMHS value hydration. They can be seen drinking water at all hours of the day: During their first hour release, struggling to finish homework, Minutes before their weigh-in, trying to add weight, or simply on their way to and from class. … Continue reading

Sanitation appreciation

By Davis Deussen, Reporter and Cartoonist These people are the first to be here in the morning to turn on the lights, unlock the doors and do a quick sweep of the halls before the day begins with faculty and students arriving. They are also the last to leave after the school day ends checking … Continue reading

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