Recap of the flu season

By Cody Baker, Reporter We all know the feeling, the nausea, those rib-cracking coughing fits even the muscle aches will make you shudder when thinking of the flu. Over the course of two months, the Grand Valley has experienced the epidemic that we all call “flu season,” although not everybody that was sick out there … Continue reading

FMHS students join Charlie Hebdo movement

By Corey Brown, Reporter In early January two Islamic extremists attacked the building housing the cartoon and killed twelve French citizens that included six cartoonist, the editor, and a police officer. The lives of those 12 will not be remembered in fear as the citizens of France, Europe, and the world raised a warcry of … Continue reading

Understanding the ‘Make My Day’ law

By Makayley Morris, Reporter The “Make My Day Law” is a Colorado state law that creates a “justification for the use of force against an intruder on a residence property” It is officially titled “Use of deadly physical force against an intruder,” although that is not an entirely accurate description, as it does not always … Continue reading

Air Asia plane disappeared

By Jaren Gisner, Reporter Air Asia flight QZ8501 crashed on Dec. 28, 2014. The Airbus plane was flying from Indonesia to Singapore when all that could have possibly went wrong did, causing a stall and plummeting the plane into the waters of the Java Sea. Search crews later went out in search of the plane … Continue reading

Jumping into DJ Night at Get Air

By Augusta McCain, News Editor From feed store to family fun venue, Joe White has been a part of the transition from silo to being a part of the “Get Air” franchise. Memories of the building date back to childhood, helping dad run the store. “When I was your guys’ age, my dad owned this … Continue reading

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