Jumping the Hurdles

As the years go by, the bar gets raised a little more and we are continually expected to make the jump. The jump to a 4.0. The jump to being an all-conference state champion athlete. The jump to being the funniest or best looking person. What happens when we can’t make it? What happens when … Continue reading

Why Anti-Bully Week doesn’t work

By Noah Turner, Sports Editor Anti-Bully Week has come and gone again, and we’ve attended assemblies, we’ve heard the speeches, we’ve heard the testimonies, but what we really want is to see results. While these campaigns for friendship and kindness may work in some instances, it is the opinion of this writer that the energy … Continue reading

Weighing in on cutting weight

By Mackennea Broyles, Features Editor One clementine orange is 35 calories. The average daily recommended calorie intake for an athletic teenage boy is from 2400-3000 calories. If three of those oranges are all that are eaten for that day, something doesn’t add up. But why would a teenage boy, notorious for their never-ending hunger, eat … Continue reading

Bill Cosby: America’s dad not so funny anymore

By Journey Hart, Reporter In the world today, we have to decide for ourselves what we think is best for ourselves, but every so often it is taken to a bigger audience. Over twenty women have come out and are saying Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. Cosby is now 77. Cosby was a … Continue reading

Good Karma: An FMHS art teacher’s rescue-turned-service-dog-in training takes her skills back to school to work with special needs students

Story and photos by Davis Deussen, Reporter Fruita Monument has a new furry friend visiting our campus. She stands about two feet tall and wears a fluorescent yellow vest on her back. Karma, a Border Collie-Labrador mix rescued from Royce-Hurst Humane Society, is a therapy dog in training, as the patches on her bright vest notify … Continue reading

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