The Facts on Funding

By Nic Clifford

When it comes to the funding of sports at Fruita Monument High School many people have different views on what happens. Some students think the funding is not distributed fairly. I set out to see if they were right.

I asked students how they felt about the athletic funding. Ali Schmalz a junior soccer player said, “Sports that have more participants and fans will get more money.”

Katie Smith a junior soccer player said, “Sports that are bigger get so much more money for food, travel, and uniforms.”

Although some may think the funding is unequal others have different viewpoints. Kenzie Wells a junior basketball player said, “A lot of our money comes through fundraising. Things like camps, cards and other fundraising ideas give us a lot of our money. We have to do a lot of work on our own to get certain things.”

Sitori Carver a junior volleyball player said, “I don’t know how equal it is, I just know no one gets enough money.”

There are many different viewpoints throughout the students. I set out to ask the man in charge of it all: the athletic director.

Denny Squibb the Athletic Director here at Fruita was kind enough to answer questions about the funding. I first asked Squibb about the responsibilities as the athletic director. “As an athletic director I handle devolving a coaching staff for sports, educating coaches, scheduling games (location, teams and referees), handling player issues, keeping the events safe, talking to the media, and budgeting the finances.”

“When I started here 8-10 years ago we had a decent budget throughout the district. Between all four schools we had 120,000$ for sports. The funding has decreased a lot. Now all four schools combined only have 20,000$ which is terrible,” said Squibb.

Funding has decreased a lot in the past decade making it hard to support all the sports. Squibb said, “Fundraising helps tremendously. If we didn’t have fundraising we would be in big trouble. The kids, parents, and community have helped so much in that aspect.”

The big issues students have when it comes to the funding is they feel some teams get more than others. “Some sports get more money because the amount of participants. It will cost more to send the football team to Denver for an overnight trip than the tennis team. Teams like football, baseball, lacrosse, and other big sports teams will get more money because we have to supply them with more. The funding is purely based on the amount of kids,” said Squibb.

The decline in funding for our school sports is hard on all sports programs. We can fundraise and donate to our programs to help our school sports out. With these facts out, hopefully the overall feeling towards the funding situation will improve.

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