Exercise for Everyone

By Austin Miracle

It’s essential for everyone to stay healthy. This is common knowledge to most but what are Fruita Monument students doing to stay in shape?

12th grader player Kyle Fineran said, “I like to play football and lift weights.”

12th grader and soccer player Jackie Sandoval stays hydrated by drinking water. She recommends to always feed your body what it needs. One way to do this is to “Stay away from drugs and alcohol,” said Sandoval

12th grader Cole Lindbo doesn’t exercise as much, but he doesn’t eat junk food.

Like Lindbo, 12th grader Cayden Clark doesn’t exercise often but he goes on a runs with his dog.

12th grader Joey mason said, “I run and eat healthy food.”

10th grader Vanessa Sliva said, “I walk everywhere.”

12th grader Randall Fox said, I play soccer and lacrosse.” He also tries to eat healthy.

12th grader Annabele Hutchison said, “I try to eat well and I go on walks and play sports with my friends.”

Now we know that everyone need to make exercising and eating nutritious foods a habit in order to stay healthy. Eating foods from the five food groups like fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains, and proteins like fish and nuts, will benefit your body in numerous ways. Many people don’t eat enough nutrients, many would prefer junk food over healthy foods but sticking to these food groups in the right quantities, exercising and getting plenty of sleep are essential to a healthy lifestyle

Reasons to stay healthy includes, prevention of diseases, loss of fat, being less prone to infections, having more energy, sleeping better, stressing less, having more confidence, lengthening your life, appreciating your efforts, and inspiring others.austin-mallori

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