Creations of Today

By Kade Thayer

One of life’s simple joys is food, and our love of food drives us to make fancy and wonderful creations. Olivia Brehm is a cake maker and florist for weddings and other special events. Currently a junior here at FMHS, she enjoys this money making venture that’s also part

FCCLA. She thinks it’s fun and entertaining as most people can’t do what she does. At a young age, her aunt taught her the skills she uses today to make her tasty productions. Her mom encourages her because she believes that it could be her job when she’s on her own.cake

Some very interesting works of art she has made include a superhero-themed cake, and a cake made out of many tiny individual Lego cake blocks. The last creation she made was an orange owl cake for her aunt’s birthday she can also make cupcakes and foam cakes for decoration.

So if anyone ever wants to buy a cake go to Olivia Brehm, because she always encourages more business. If you want to learn some baking skills from her she says “join FCCLA and Ill teach you.”

The quote she lives by is “keep moving forward and don’t care what others have to say, do what you do for you.” And as Marie Antoinette said “let them eat cake”.


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