League of Legends

By Tseveen Saruultuya A new club has come into our school, called the league of legends club caps, created by Mr. Morales give his full name and title and a student, Max Hall, who is a junior. The game is a 5 vs 5 team battle arena, aka MOBA, which stands for Multiplier Online Battle … Continue reading

Suicide Squad Review

By Tseveendorj Saruultuya “It’s the latest comic book wheeze: an all-villain fighting team. But too many crooks spoil the plot.” – Wendy Ide, The Guardian “Suicide Squad is a lively comic book movie – albeit one that is undermined by plot holes and uneven execution of action, character, and comedy.” – Ben Kendrick, Screen Rant … Continue reading

Creations of Today

By Kade Thayer Our school is home to many talented and experienced craftsmen and woman that make things that astonish the rest of us. Our society would have no building culture without them, and we would just have industry. Dan. VanHoose is the leader of the 3D and tech-ed classes at school. Using the system … Continue reading

The Controversy of the 9/11 Mattress Ad

By Tseveen Saruultuya A few days before the anniversary of the tragic attack on 9/11, a mattress company called Miracle Mattresses, located in San Antonio, Texas, created a 9/11 spoof to promote their new sale called the “Twin Tower Sale”. The store released this ad on the 7th of September, 4 days before the anniversary, … Continue reading

Korea Sends Out Plea for Help

By Cody Baker After all that has occurred in the news lately in relation to the nuclear testing tension regarding North Korea and their negligence to comply much to the disapproval of the international community, the world wasn’t the least taken aback by the sudden plea for assistance after a rather destructive monsoon left a … Continue reading

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