Lice Outbreak

By Anika Roelands A blast of “super lice” has hit 25 states, causing an annoyed panic. For some reason, this flood of lice is stronger than ever. Most treatments won’t work except for 25% of the time now, compared to a 100% success rate in the year 2000. A new FDA-approved treatment called AirAlle has … Continue reading

Election Updates

By Katie Kiefer In recent election news, Donald trump rejects white supremacist David Duke’s endorsement through twitter while Ted Cruz released a statement saying that Trump hasn’t released his tax returns because he may have ties to organized crime. He said that he would support the republican nomination no matter who wins, but stated that … Continue reading

Squibb selected for 5A AD

By Katie Kiefer Denny Squibb, athletic director for Fruita Monument High School was selected as the 5A athletic director of the year. He has spent 45 years in education and is responsible for making sports registration paperless at District 51 schools, pushing for the scheduling tool used by the athletic office called rSchoolToday and using … Continue reading

Grand Valley Health Fair

Written by Natalie The Mesa County Health Department recently announced that it will no longer be sponsoring the Grand Valley Health Fair, as it does not have the resources needed to organize the fair. In the past, the fair was organized by 9Health, a Denver-based organization, according to The Daily Sentinel, but locals decided to … Continue reading

Where The Road Ends

Driving along the interstate, a car cuts you off and causes you to run off the road. When your life flashes before your eyes, you think back and remember your last day. If you could change that day, and do anything you wanted, what would you do? Who would you meet? Where would you go? … Continue reading

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