Jumping the Hurdles

As the years go by, the bar gets raised a little more and we are continually expected to make the jump. The jump to a 4.0. The jump to being an all-conference state champion athlete. The jump to being the funniest or best looking person. What happens when we can’t make it? What happens when … Continue reading

How to end Terrorism

  Terrorism. Something that we all know and have somehow let into our everyday lives. Recently the number of Terrorist strikes have greatly increased across the world, including attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. This has led to an increase in the amount of fear that the average citizen has, including an adult woman in … Continue reading

HO HO HOmemade Treats for the Holidays By Elie Copple

It’s Christmas time and that means chilly weather, warm clothes, and plenty of opportunities to bake yummy snacks with all your besties. So take advantage of these recipes by making all these delicious treats and throwing a winter mini party with squad (and feel free to add in some warm hot cocoa as well).   … Continue reading

Kindness kicks off in January

  KIC week has always been a special time at FMHS. The idea of it is to remind people how important it is to be nice to each other. Kindness is contagious is the message senate hopes for us to take home. The main goal of KIC week is to re-install the idea that we … Continue reading

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