‘Noises Off’

By Cody Baker, Reporter Usually, the backstage of production is full of anxiety attacks and wishes for broken legs, but this December comes the next production from Fruita’s drama club. “Noises Off” is a play-within-a-play comedy that shows what a lack of effort may win you. “Noises Off is the story of a cast who … Continue reading

‘Elite’ Ping-Pong Society

By Augusta McCain, News Editor Whether you’re a ping-pong pro or have never held a paddle, sponsor Clint Davis encourages everyone to join the Elite Ping Pong Society. It existed years ago under the supervision of an old teacher and the enthusiasm of James and Grant Stagg’s older brother, but faded away when the teacher … Continue reading

Count your blessings, while you have the chance

By Gillian Berry, Reporter We all have our problems. School work, stress, relationship issues, friendship difficulties, and the occasional disastrous predicament seem to haunt us every so often. Coursework piles up and anxiety kicks in. Arguments and disagreements with your girlfriend/boyfriend are unpleasant. You and your best friend can’t agree on anything, and to make … Continue reading

Twitter Awards

By Bella Roberts, Reporter Twitter, the new alternative to create drama, smiles, and tears other than from our oh so inspirational mouths. A site with the sure capability to make you LOL, cause a greater (>) meaning in your unfulfilling lives, and a less (<) than important connotation in our hopeless thoughts. A place where … Continue reading

Rolling the dice on education

By Noah Turner, Sports Editor During the recent election, there was a flood of radio advertisements, both praising and bashing Amendment 68. A recent survey in FMHS showed that ninety-six out of one hundred interviewed students had heard of Amendment 68 AND knew what it was about. Linsey Ortiz, senior, stated “I’ve heard about Amendment … Continue reading

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