Breast Cancer

By Randy Hershman, Reporter        Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer found among American women. Recent studies done by the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control have shown that overall the number of deaths from this disease have decreased; still there is a lot to be concerned about for African American women. … Continue reading

Power Naps

By Megan Corisdeo, Reporter We have all experienced a situation where we have struggled to get the answer to a current problem; deciding that maybe a power nap is the answer in order to gather our thoughts. Although, power naps are very brief, something about them makes us feel like new. The latest research states, … Continue reading

Touchdown… or not

By Brionna Sonnier, Reporter In the November 11 NFL game between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, Trindon Holliday (WR) drops the ball before he crosses the goal line, but none of the officials notice until after the game. While the score was 36-14 with the Broncos winning, one of the collected points probably should … Continue reading

Ready for redemtion

By Randy Hurshman, Reporter With a disappointing end to his junior season, Fruita Monuments’ Matt Bishop looks to end his wrestling career on a good note. After missing state last year by only one place, he hopes to achieve his goal by making it his senior year. “Last year was a decent year but I am … Continue reading

Romney and Obama

By Sydni Hart, Reporter Election day has come and gone, the political ads are done for, and Obama won another term in office and was re-elected as president. It was hard to call if Romney or Obama was going to win in this closely fought battle in the 2012 Presidential Election. Obama won some of … Continue reading

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