Time Cloak Created

By Cody Daniels, Reporter              To turn and make an object invisible would be thought of impossible, but scientists have made an entire event invisible to see by the human eye. According to scientists at Cornell University on a small scale, their time cloak lasts for an incredibly tiny fraction of a second.               They were … Continue reading

Hockey Team Player Paralized

By Alyssa Urban, Reporter             As the star junior varsity player for his high school’s hockey team, Jack Jablonski scored the first and only goal on his team, only to suffer from paralysis later in the game.             During the holiday hockey tournament game on Friday, December 30th, 16 year old Jablonski was checked into … Continue reading

Everything is Bigger in Japan

By Laren Cyphers, Sports Editor           593 pounds was the weight of the new record holding fish sold at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, Japan, the largest fish market in the world.  The catcher of this blue fin tuna gained a staggering 736,000 dollars from selling this one fish he caught off the Amori prefecture.            … Continue reading

Clark Can’t Take the Pressure

By Taylor Scofield, Reporter               A faint hope of victory seems to grow daily for the Denver Broncos.  Pittsburg Steeler’s safety Ryan Clark has been benched for the first playoff game at the mile high Sports Authority field.                 Clark has a sickle-cell trait that becomes aggravated when playing at higher elevations.  This could cause … Continue reading

Shoe Theft Sparks Outrage

By Tucker Blake, News Editor           A young man in India is facing charges of up to five years in prison for stealing a police officer’s flip-flops. This seemingly simple case of theft has stirred outrage in India as people perceive injustices done to the poor by officials like the police.                 The fifteen year … Continue reading

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