Campus Life

By Taylor Scofield, Reporter              College is a world of its own. With the help of, here is a compiled a list of things one will learn in college.  Hopefully this will benefit some of the FMHS seniors who are preparing for campus life. Quarters are like gold. Showers become less important. Don’t eat … Continue reading

Berlusconi Leaving Italy Without A Paddle

By Tucker Blake, News Editor                 Europe has been ravaged in the past few months by their own crippled economy, and Italy has taken a few huge hits. Now it is facing another punch that could deliver the final K.O.                 The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said that he is planning to resign from … Continue reading

Maury: “Justin, you are not the father!”

By Erika Gardner, Reporter                It was only a matter of time until a desperate girl claimed to have carried Justin Bieber’s baby. And it seems as if California resident Mariah Yeater, 20, has stepped up to fill that missing void in Bieber’s life.                 Suing Bieber for child support, Yeater claims that on October 25, … Continue reading

Close Quarters Classrooms

By Chuck Bisbee, Reporter                If you pay any attention to your surroundings by now you should have noticed the enormous class sizes that we have here at Fruita Monument High School. It’s a problem that many students have begun to take notice of and several believe it is becoming quite a problem. Due to budget … Continue reading

Progression of Powderhorn

By Charity Spall, Reporter               With a single rope tow, skiing first began in 1930 on the Grand Mesa, the largest flat mountaintop in the world, located in an area named Land’s End. Shortly after, skiing also was taking place at Mesa Creek. From a small club called the Grand Mesa Ski Club, Rimrock opened a … Continue reading

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